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We aid the business with all financial services like loan, market investments, private equities, portfolio management services (PMS), mergers and acquisitions (M & A),project funding,etc.


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Our consultants are usually engaged in providing appropriate and cost-effective solutions and ability to adapt to modern technology and designs for the execution of new projects or expansion of projects.


Our expert marketing consultants can provide you with a complete service to include brand strategy,market research,positioning,and identity as well as general marketing advice and guidance.


Our experienced consultants can develop company's human resource strategy, manage staff performance issues,conduct workplace investigations,manage unfair dismissals matters and providing manpower for all industries and functions.

Farmer Entrepreneurship Development Program ALFOO COMMODITIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

* The beginning of a new era in agriculture * (From chemical / organic farming to natural farming, in a very simple way)
Due to the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides, natural agriculture has become a necessity of the times.
Our technology, developed after 13 years of tireless research, has taken the next step in natural agriculture.
* * The most important benefit of this - restoration of 'natural ecosystem'! *
Does anyone go to the forest to apply fertilizer? Does anyone go to spray pesticides? Yet every year countless seeds fall down, take root, and small plants, vines, and giant trees continue to grow. This cycle has been going on for millions of years and will continue for millions of years to come. The reason why this cycle continues without the use of any fertilizers / pesticides - the * natural ecosystem - the natural system working in that soil! *
* Our technology restores that natural system in our soil. * * The benefits are as follows * - * (Even without bringing in earthworms from outside) In a few months your farm is filled with thousands of earthworms and every year 2 to 6 lakh rupees per acre of vermicompost is available for free. * - * Increases the number of useful bacteria (more than 100 million per 1 gram of soil). * - * Harmful viruses are completely reduced. * - * Due to the availability of abundant food, the crop is so strong and vigorous that it can withstand any disease like a forest tree. * - * Soil (pH) balance. *
* Other benefits- *
* * 50℅ increase in production in the first year! (I.e. 75 tons of 50 tons or 300 quintals of 200 quintals) *
* * Three times increase in production in 5 to 7 years! (I.e. 150 tons of 50 tons or 600 quintals of 200 quintals) *
* * 80% savings in production cost due to elimination of need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides! *
* This Natural Ecosystem- Once the natural system is stable in your soil in 5 to 7 years, you don't even need us. Then just cow dung is enough to sustain the tripled production. *
The technology is rapidly gaining popularity in 23 states in a short span of time. This new research needs to reach your area.
In the last few years, millions of acres of land have become barren due to chemicals; Huge pollution and immeasurable damage has been done. You can contribute to our goal of conserving nature by making every inch of India's land organic - by sending this message to others!
For more information contact: - Vikramsinh Desai +91 9482173259